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Bartleby Abroad: Giant Pig takes a ‘Chaw’ out of Korea

26 Jan


Chaw (NR) Running Time: 121 min. Directed by: Jeong-Won Shin Starring: Tae-Woong Eom, Yoon Jae-Moon, Yu-mi Jeong, Earl Wayne Ording  Cinematography: Barry Stone

3 marias

Before launching into Jeong-Won Shin’s B-movie bonanza Chaw, I believe a word of caution is in order. For those expecting a schlocky horror film like Razorback or possibly a suspenseful creature feature  like The Host, temper your expectations now. And for anyone who only observes star ratings, you might want to really read the review before deciding on this one.

Because, on the level, Chaw is an amazingly buffoonish piece of work. Continue reading

AMAD-Horror Edition: Prophecy (1979)

12 Oct


Oct 12th, 2009–

cinemagrade c+John Frankenheimer’s Prophecy is a strange beast, pun fully intended. A schlocky update of the mutant animal flicks of the 50s and 60s, the film wasn’t a hit upon its release and it hasn’t really fared much better since then; it possesses a Rotten Tomatoes score of 25%. But while Prophecy might not win awards for competency as a serious eco-thriller, it does deliver silly B-movie pleasure.

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