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Monday Brew: Supernatural gets a sixth, Buried is exhumed by Lionsgate, Gremlins coming in 3D?

25 Jan



Monday 25th, 2009–

Sam and Dean to keep fighting the good fight in Season 6 of Supernatural


In a bit of news that I suspect will make many Supernatural fans happy, it has been reported by a source over at Cinema Spy that CW is planning on renewing the horror-based series that has been one of the networks tent-pole shows in recent years. Despite show creator Eric Kripke stating that he always envisioned the series as lasting five definitive seasons, it appears now that Sam and Dean will continue their battle against evil for at least one more year. As a recently converted fan of the show (my wife and I just finished the fourth season and are anxious to catch up with the fifth), my main question is where will it go from here? Continue reading

‘It Might Get Loud’ Trailer Rocks Out

8 Jul


July 8th, 2009–

I hadn’t heard much on this one, but Simon Owens over at Bloggasm sent me a heads up on this. I love documentaries, and one that goes out and deliberately mixes the personalities of The Edge, Jimmy Paige and Jack White together in a pic about the history of the electric guitar has my attention. At the very least, it is sure to feature some killer music. Check out the trailer over HERE and consider why a musical documentary about the guitar is this well-shot. This one is coming hot off of Sundance and as I get more info on release dates and what not, I’ll post’em.