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Movie Review: Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ is a Titanic Achievement

18 Dec


 The lights turn down, the 3-D glasses go on, and what follows is one of the most basic and honest reasons to go the cinema; pure delight. James Cameron finally unveils  his Avatar and it is one of the most entertaining and visually accomplished works of his entire career. This is the pulp sci-fi feast fans thought they were getting some ten years ago when they went walking into The Phantom Menace hoping for magic to strike. When it happens, you can hear the thunder and feel the electricity. This is why I love the movies. Continue reading

What would Perseus Do? See the ‘Clash of the Titans’ trailer!

11 Nov


Nov 11th, 2009–

Ye children of the Nineteen-Hundred and Eighties gather round! Behold the glimpse of things soon to pass and the return of a friend from the desert of memory! Clash of the Titans has returned….sort of. Continue reading

After 12 years, James Cameron Brings Us…Dances With Smurfs? Avatar Teaser and Pics!

21 Aug


UPDATED: Full-length AVATAR review HERE.

 Also check out: My review of the first 16 minutes of 3-D Avatar HERE.

August 20th, 2009–

When James Cameron’s Avatar is released on December 18th, 2009 it will mark, to the day, the anniversary of the director’s last movie, Titanic. Yea, you remember it–the one with the boat. When that predicted flop went on to be the biggest money maker of all time and sweep the year’s Oscars, Cameron was golden. And then, perhaps in an effort to stay golden, he never directed again….until now.  Continue reading

Wanna see 16 minutes of 3-D Avatar Free on Friday? Get tickets this afternoon!!

17 Aug



Monday 17th, 2009-

I’m a little late on this, but wanted to give a brief heads-up on the sneak peek that IMAX has lined up for James Cameron’s upcoming 3D sci-fi epic Avatar, currently scheduled for release on December 18th 2009.

This Friday evening at 6:30 p.m., select IMAX theaters will be running a free preview of 16 minutes of Avatar with an intro by Cameron and 3D glasses so audiences can get a glimpse of the way the technology will render the alien planet of Pandora. Continue reading

The Weekly Creepy: What a Croc! Vartan and ‘Rogue’ head to the Outback

20 Jun

weekly creepy

Welcome to the Weekly Creepy. The goal is to help expose you the audience to newer horror/thriller films that might have slipped under your radar. Dedicated to obscure, foreign and indie fare (as well as the glorious world of DTV), The Weekly Creepy will tackle a different pic each week, with reasons why it is or isn’t worth your precious time or money.


 June 19th, 2009-

Rogue (2007)


Trends come and go in the world of horror filmmaking. Right now, zombies and grotesque torture hold the spotlight. A few years ago it was ghosts and the supernatural. Wait a bit, and it will change all over again. Whats more interesting to me are the mini-trends; when three or four films of a very specific subset get released and they aren’t based off a popular concept(I think back to the “seafood” horrors of the late 80s like Leviathan and Deep Star Six). In 2007, it was killer croc pictures, which mystified me since there have been very few over the years and the most recent, Lake Placid, wasn’t exactly a mega-hit award winner. Continue reading

James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ concept art appears!

28 May



May 28th, 2009-

Hey everyone.  MarketSaw, a blog chronicling the production of 3-D movies, posted these above images from the hotly anticipated James Cameron sci-fi epic, Avatar, which hits theaters this December. These current pictures are only concept art and will be presented in an upcoming table top book featuring the artwork of Avatar. For some of the spoilerish details about where these images fit into the overall story and scriptment, as well as with the other production stills previously released, visit the Market Saw website.

Me, I want to discuss the images themselves. So far, it definitely looks like Cameron is approaching this film with serious ambitions of making a true-blue science fiction film. I like the look, though the artwork  seems to suggest the planet’s environment will be slightly less alien than I was hoping for. Still, I don’t think this matter much in the long run and when we have the moving images we can get a better grasp on all of the indigenous lifeforms, robotic technologies and alien races. It looks like science fiction with both a hard-science bent and a pulp adventure feel. C’mon Cameron, get us a trailer already.

Cameron has never faltered on the technical and visual end of things. I just hope the story he wants to tell with Avatar extends beyond just a compelling concept and embraces its characters. Considering the scale of the project, I don’t think hes tried anything this vast on a sci-fi level since The Abyss, which might just be the best movie he’s ever done. Just my opinion. What’s your take?