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AMAD-Horror Edition: Mute Witness

18 Oct


cinemagrade b+What is it that makes a film ‘scary’?  I don’t mean simple jump thrills or a little bit of goose-pimples. What I’m talking about is that tight-chest,  metallic taste in the mouth, primal fear that gets a hold of you and doesn’t let go. It’s the kind of anxiety one starts to feel when the car breaks down late at night on the side of the highway, or that tension that mounts when you realize your child is no longer next to you in the grocery store. It’s based off a moment of panic, and let’s face it, film as a medium isn’t always capable of evoking the feelings it shows on screen. We can enjoy a romantic comedy but there aren’t many that can elicit a feeling at all similar to actually being in love. The same goes for fear and terror. They are hard to quantify and characterize on film in such a way that their essence is echoed in an audience’s reaction. Over the years, maybe a handful of horror pics have done that for me. Mute Witness is one of them. Continue reading

Paul Giamatti leaves his soul out in the ‘Cold’! Trailer and pics

22 Jun


June 22, 2009–

Last month when I did this list for the top science fiction movies of the summer, I wasn’t aware Cold Souls was slated for an August release date .  This looks like one quirky movie; Paul Giamatti stars as a fictional version of himself who is feeling weighed down by soul and ends up visiting a company where his soul can be extracted and stored in cryo-freeze. When he realizes that life without a soul is more troublesome than life with, he goes back to get it back. However, by this point its been accidentally shipped to Russia where it resides with a young dancer. Continue reading