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‘Virtuality’ Deserves a Chance to Explore Its Universe

30 Jun


June 29th, 2009-

Good science-fiction is a precious commodity; especially on television. Over the last 50 years or so, we have had no more than a handful of truly innovative and intelligent sci-fi series. Among them, I count the the well-known and the celebrated, Star Trek, X-Files and Lost, the prematurely canceled Firefly and the cult classics like Battlestar GalacticaBabylon 5, and The Outer Limits.   For every one of those, there were five more that were either ridiculous garbage(Space Marines) or instantly forgettable (Earth 2).  So, it becomes a priority for me, as a sci-fi nerd, to direct your attention to quality examples of the genre wherever they may be found, and last Friday Fox aired the pilot to a prospective series it didn’t pick up called Virtuality that met all the criteria for solid science fiction. Continue reading