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Remembering David Carradine and ‘Q: The Winged Serpent’

7 Jun


June 7th, 2009-

There have been a fair number of articles and retrospectives in the past few days looking back over the career of veteran David Carradine, who died last Wednesday in Thailand. One of the most interesting was a eulogy by Carradine’s friend and fellow actor Michael Madsen which you can find HERE. Elsewhere, it’s all Kung-Fu this, and Kwai Chang Caine that and for the younger generation he’s mostly just Bill who Uma killed by edict of Tarantino. Sort of strange to be remembered for so few performances when your filmography contains over 200 acting credits. Continue reading

David Carradine has died…Updated with link

4 Jun


June 4th,2009-

Actor David Carradine, 72, of Kung-Fu and Kill Bill fame, died Wednesday night in a hotel room in Bangkok (he was there to film a movie). It was earlier reported that he commited suicide, while his manager Chuck Binder went on record to say he believed the death was of natural causes. Now Carradine’s rep has come forward and it appears the death was accidental. Seeing how he was naked in a closet in Thailand with a cord around his neck and, as the news reports have said, “other parts of his body” I’ll just leave you with this link to IMDB that clarifies the matter. Definitely an odder story now than it was this morning.

This is sad, sad news. Being a fan of the original Kung-Fu series from the 70s and having enjoyed Carradine’s work in Kill Bill (it was one of the few times an actor really humanized Tarantino’s pop dialogue) I was always waiting to see him spring forward again with something of worth. This is very unfortunate to hear and my prayers are with his family.