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Movie Review: Transformers–Revenge of Bay with Car-Car Binks!

26 Jun


June 26th, 2009–

Hoo-ha! Our first guest reviewer! The Great Fatsby has tackled Transformers 2 and has the low-down to prove it. I have not seen the movie but TGF has and it sounds like a laundry list of the implausible and idiotic. Alot of this has been reported elsewhere but Fats might be the first one to use the term ‘Car Car Binks’.

Honestly, this is one of those critic-proof movies. When something makes 60 million dollars on a frickin Wednesday it means that a large part of its audiences knows it sucks and either don’t care or going for that very reason. Me, Im still seeing it with my dad next week. He wants to go, and I actually had a good time at the first mainly because he was there and it was a window back to childhood. I don’t have any allegiance to the transformers or Bay but I do remember watching my dad patiently try to assemble a dino-bot for me on Christmas morning or getting my first Transformer as gift from he and my mother when I was in the hospital. When I watched the first one, in a round-about way it reminded me that people cared for me. According to Fatsby,however, Michael Bay doesn’t care about you. But he does want you see his movie. Continue reading

Ok, so who has seen Terminator: Salvation? Lets hear! How was it?

22 May


Heres the deal. I was hoping to see Terminator: Salvation last night, but my wife wasn’t feeling well so we stayed back and caught up on a few other films I had lying about. Thing is, the critical response to this one is brutal. No one is calling it awful, save for a few passionate voices, but it sounds like it might be even worse than awful–mediocre. I’ve been hearing lots of things, but not much from the regular movie-going public. What do you guys think about it?

I want to hear from as many as have seen it. If you want to drop full-out reviews, that’s cool, or just a line or two in the comments. If you have a link to another blog, send it by. I’m going to see this weekend regardless, but I thought it would be cool to see how united or disconnected the typical audience reaction is compared to the critical reaction.

So lets hear it! Is Terminator: Salvation a beacon of Professionalism or is it just a flippin’ amateur?