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Movie Review: Vampires that don’t suck in ‘Daybreakers’

8 Jan


Daybreakers (R) 108 min. Written & Directed by: The Spiereg Brothers. Starring: Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe, Sam Neill, Isabel Lucas Cinematography: Ben Nott  Score: Christopher Gordon

At a Christmas get-together this year, one of my extended family members told me he had seen the site and would probably read it more if I didn’t review so many damn vampire movies. At last inventory, I’ve technically reviewed 2, but one of those was New Moon so I’m not sure it counts. Eitherway, it seemed to be the gore and tedious nature of the genre that had done him in.

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Fantasia Fest 2009:Not So Amazing ‘Grace’

20 Aug


Grace (R)  85 min. Written and Directed by: Paul Solet. Starring: Jodan Ladd, Gabrielle Rose, Samantha Ferris, Malcolm Stewart.  Cinematography: Zoran Popovic Original Music by: Austin Wintory

cinemagrade c I was initially very wary about Paul Solet’s Grace, a Canadian horror feature about a newborn who prefers human blood to mother’s milk. My wife and I were planning to take in a film together, and while I wasn’t too concerned about the content for myself, I know she’s a bit more sensitive and this particular subject matter was probably a tightrope walk for her anyway. On the internet, critical consensus seemed to be that the film was mucho disturbing and in some cases straight-out disgusting and in bad taste. Expecting mothers were warned away from it, and some festival reports cited people fleeing the theater. Continue reading