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James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ concept art appears!

28 May



May 28th, 2009-

Hey everyone.  MarketSaw, a blog chronicling the production of 3-D movies, posted these above images from the hotly anticipated James Cameron sci-fi epic, Avatar, which hits theaters this December. These current pictures are only concept art and will be presented in an upcoming table top book featuring the artwork of Avatar. For some of the spoilerish details about where these images fit into the overall story and scriptment, as well as with the other production stills previously released, visit the Market Saw website.

Me, I want to discuss the images themselves. So far, it definitely looks like Cameron is approaching this film with serious ambitions of making a true-blue science fiction film. I like the look, though the artwork  seems to suggest the planet’s environment will be slightly less alien than I was hoping for. Still, I don’t think this matter much in the long run and when we have the moving images we can get a better grasp on all of the indigenous lifeforms, robotic technologies and alien races. It looks like science fiction with both a hard-science bent and a pulp adventure feel. C’mon Cameron, get us a trailer already.

Cameron has never faltered on the technical and visual end of things. I just hope the story he wants to tell with Avatar extends beyond just a compelling concept and embraces its characters. Considering the scale of the project, I don’t think hes tried anything this vast on a sci-fi level since The Abyss, which might just be the best movie he’s ever done. Just my opinion. What’s your take?