Free Baltimore screenings of ‘The Vampire’s Assistant’ and ‘Amelia’! Get details here!

13 Oct


Oct 13th, 2009–
Hey everyone! Attention to all Baltimore film fans looking to see some free movies a little bit early. Right now, the website Atomic Popcorn (it’s also a pretty comprehensive repository of film news and reviews) is promoting screenings of both the children’s horror-fantasy Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant and the Hillary Swank Earhart bio-pic Amelia.  The screenings will take place at AMC Whitemarsh on the evenings of the 20th (Cirque) and the 21st (Amelia) of October.

I’m excited to see both films, and though I’ve got to bow out of Freak–hope to send someone to get a review for us anyway–I will be there for Amelia.  The process ove at AP is simple. Just post a response (details at the site) and be one of the first (it’s 75 for Cirque and 50 for Amelia)  entries and you are in.

I’ll refer you over there now for the concrete details.

To sign up for free Vampire’s Assistant tickets, go HERE.

To sign up for free Amelia tickets, go HERE.

2 Responses to “Free Baltimore screenings of ‘The Vampire’s Assistant’ and ‘Amelia’! Get details here!”

  1. Xiphos October 14, 2009 at 11:42 am #

    I have zero interest in seeing either movie. In fact I have so little desire to see them I can’t even make a joke about either one.


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