The Mobbies Draw to A Close! Last Chance to Vote for Cinematropolis!

8 Oct


Oct 8th, 2009–

And so it draws to a close, the epic struggle. Ok, so maybe not so epic, and not so struggly-like. Either way, the Baltimore Sun’s contest for The Mobbies–Maryland’s Outstanding Blogs–ends tomorrow and it’s the last opportunity to vote for them.  A few weeks ago Cinematropolis was nominated in both the categories of Pop Culture and Misfits(a sort of miscellaneous category) and up for consideration of Overall Best Blog. Voters could cast their votes once a day in all three categories until the end of the contest.

First off, let me just say a big thank you to all the friends and readers who have been voting regularly and taking the time to do so. You are also the same people who bother to stop and comment or let me know via email that you’ve been reading. It’s helpful, encouraging and I’ve actually made some new friends along the way. Again, thank you.

For almost the entire duration of the contest Cinematropolis has been sitting at 2nd place in both of its respective categories. Currently it’s losing to Mom Pop and You Don’t Say. I’m thinking with a last minute push on behalf of the site could easily upset things. At this point, the ‘prize’ the Sun is offering isn’t as tantalizing as just seeing the site win something so early in its run.

So, I’m calling in all favors and fans and whomever else wants to step into the breach and vote. You can do so  HERE  

Thanks again!


One Response to “The Mobbies Draw to A Close! Last Chance to Vote for Cinematropolis!”

  1. Mavra October 9, 2009 at 2:53 pm #

    Got my last votes in for you. Good luck!

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