Cinema Bites #1: Spider

6 Oct


Oct 6th, 2009–

Good afternoon everyone! Here’s another experiment I’m trying. Hopefully, it’s one that will catch on because I’m personally excited for it. The idea of Cinema Bites is to provide a place where I can share and comment on the world of short films. So every day I’ll pull a short, introduce it, and then share it with everybody. To kick things off I’m gonna start with Nash Edgerton’s brilliant little ‘Spider’.

I recently saw Edgerton’s feature-length film ‘The Square’ and loved it–so much, in fact, that it might just make my end of the year best’s list. This film though, is a different beast altogether. I showed it at a shorts night we did at our house back in March and the audience reactions were priceless. I’ll say no more, and let Spider do it’s thing, but I’ll be lurking in the comments section to discuss it later.  

Also, if you have a short film you want to see featured on Cinema Bites, or have come across something you think everyone else needs to see, email me here and I’ll try to put it up:

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