Bloglins #1: Pandorum, Baltimore Book Festival, Dollhouse 2.0, Weekend DVDs

25 Sep


September 25th,2009–

Happy weekend everyone! Here we are on Friday night and consider me exhausted. I’ve got a Surrogates review to write and AMAD to cover before I hit the sack so I’ll keep this one short. One of the new features for Cinematropolis is Bloglins, a forum for mini-reader reviews and feedback related to current pop culture items. Below I’ve got four topics I want to hear more from you on. Just post or email me a 100 word or less review/comment/update on any of the below bits and I’ll publish them below with your name, website and any info you wish to be included. Enjoy! My email is

Bloglin #1.1: Who has seen Pandorum? Let’s hear it!

One of the big questions I’ve been getting in relation to film this weekend is whether or not Pandorum or The Surrogates is worth seeing. I caught Surrogates this afternoon and will have that review forthcoming, but Pandorum is a mystery to me. It looks like a creepy funhouse creature feature, and Dennis Quaid used to be a sign of quality. But between Horsemen and the awful looking angel attack movie Legion, it’s clear that Quaid’s track record isn’t what it used to be. No screening for critics is also a bad sign. So, have you seen Pandorum? Drop in and tell us how it is. Keep it brief, informative and specific. Is it fun? More science-fiction than horror? Does Quaid bring home the gold? How’s Ben Foster? The Great Fatsby has promised me a full review on this later in the weekend, but until then I want to hear the public consensus.

Bloglin #1.2: The Baltimore Book Festival hits Baltimore this weekend! What’s worth seeing, reading , eating, etc.

 This weekend the annual Baltimore Book Festival hits Mount Vernon with a series of tents, vendors, activities, authors and guest speakers. This fest is always a great deal of fun and a wonderful way to get a taste of the flavor of the city. One of the guests I’m most curious about is Buzz Aldrin. I’d love to hear the man talk. He’s there tomorrow at 1 pm. So, if you have any tidbits, info or reports regarding the B’more Fest let’s hear it.

Here’s the festival’s website and the summary of the event from the site:

Located in historic Mount Vernon Square, the Washington Monument overlooks the festival site, whose manicured parks and cobblestone streets are the perfect location for a weekend outing.

Dynamic, personal interaction between readers and authors is the hallmark of our festival.  But the Baltimore Book Festival is a festival in every sense.  It offers food, musical performances by local and regional acts, hands-on activities for the children, area restaurants and attractions, picnic tables for resting and more. 

NEW FOR 09!  Baltimore Book Festival’s Official After-Party: Saturday, September 26 from 8-10pm in the Literary Salon Tent.  Get your tickets at the festival Information Booth on the corner of Charles Street and West Mt. Vernon Place.

Bloglin #1.3: Dollhouse 2.1 debuts tonight? Did you see it? Is anyone out there watching?

When Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse had it’s series premiere hack in February I was less than taken with it. Despite absolutely adoring Buffy, Angel and Firefly (to say nothing of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog), I just couldn’t get into Dollhouse. The characters felt vague and constantly shifting, and the central premise was seemingly flawed: was it really worth all of the moral, technical and legal trouble involved just to imprint people with tailor-made personalities? Eliza Dushku’s Echo was just a cipher and not the kind of character you can build a show around. And yet, at the end of the first twelve episodes I found that Whedon was starting to develop his own rhythm and his cast and premise were starting to fire on all cylinders. With the added DVD episode Epitaph 1, Dollhouse finally achieved full awesome and I was hooked. Now it’s back, with another 13 episodes and an unlikely future that sits in the hands of Fox, which is always a nervous place to be. I’ve seen it and I’ll chime in soon. But, what did you think?

Here’s faithful reader Xiphos’ take on the premiere:

The Dollhouse premiere stunk. It’s not at the Fringe level of awful, but it’s in the same zip code. Outside of Amy Acker, who should be the lead, the cast is dull, the acting is pedestrian and the writing, is awful. The general conceit of Dollhouse, the imprinting of the dolls, for “ops” makes no sense and doesn’t let the viewer connect with any of the characters.
The pilot was listless and I found my attention wandering and Apollo was wasted. The only time I had any interest in the show was when Topher and Whiskey were interacting.

Bloglin #1.4: Weekend DVDS

This one is easy. With several new films hitting dvd, what’s out there that’s worth watching? What are you watching this weekend, old or new? Send in some mini-reviews for whatever you’re checking out, good or bad. When I get a chance I’ll add a few of my own.

Take care, and have a great time with whatever you have planned!


Finally, check out the Paranormal Activity trailer if you haven’t already:

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  1. Xiphos September 27, 2009 at 7:41 pm #

    The book festival sounds real interesting. I would definantly like to attend something like that.


  1. - September 26, 2009 tracking back – Bloglins #1: Pandorum, Baltimore Book Festival, Dollhouse 2.0, Weekend DVDs … tracking back – Bloglins #1: Pandorum, Baltimore Book Festival, Dollhouse 2.0, Weekend DVDs …

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