Trailer Round-Up: Solomon Kane, Princess and the Frog, Descent 2, Up in the Air, more…

11 Sep


September 11th, 2009–

Hey everyone. I hope your week has gone well and that the weekend is even better. Here were are again with a new bunch of trailers. There’s a new look at Disney’s latest 2D animated film and one more trailer proving that George Clooney never stops working. Best of all, there’s finally a peek at Solomon Kane, the fantasy adventure based off Robert E. Howard characters. Lets start first with the followup to Neil Marshall’s 2005 horror classic The Descent

The Descent 2

I love The Descent, but I can’t say I’m really looking forward to this one. With Marshall gone and a new director in his place, I’m not confident that it’s going to hold the same kind of intense power that the original had. Furthermore, it seems to ignore the grim ending of it’s predecessor (or at least, the British ending) and breaks the rule of sequels by bringing characters back from the dead willy nilly. But it has monsters in a cave, so I’m there….at some point.

Solomon Kane

On the other hand, this looks awesome. Inspired by Robert Howard’s puritan monster masher, Solomon Kane tells the story of a man on a path to Hell who is fighting to keep his soul from the fire by destroying as much evil as he can find. Sommer’s Van Helsing was visually similar to Solomon Kane, but where that movie failed to generate any real intensity or sense of adventure, this much smaller one looks like a great time. Howard is best known as the creative father of Conan the Barbarian, and the filmmakers have made a movie here that is in the same swashbuckling vein. I think Purefoy is a great choice as the lead, and it’s always nice to see Pete Postlewhaite in a period setting. He just seems to belong there. No word on a release date yet, but I think it’s set for next year.

Up in the Air

Clooney again. I really like the way this trailer is cut, and the use of the speech as the primary content. It keeps all the movie’s secrets but gives us an idea of the tone and it boasts some really beautiful cinematography. This is Jason Reitman’s third film after Juno and Thank You For Smoking. That’s two good movies with a hopeful third on the way.

The Princess and the Frog

For better or worse Disney is back in the traditional hand-drawn aimation game. And you can tell from the trailer that everything they were known for during that 1989-1999 reign is back in force here. Outdated silly sidekick? check. ‘Every girl wants to be a princess and have a prince’ life message? check. Generic songs? check. Beautiful animation? double check.  Yea, it is what it is. I guess I was hoping for something different. Sigh.

Lake Mungo

Faux documentaries working hard to feel like real ones seems to be the order of the day lately. First there was the odd and unsettling The Fourth Kind trailer, and now there’s Lake Mungo. It’s a story about a female ghost haunting a family. It’s going to draw those Ghost Hunter crowds (and apparently Dan Aykroyd) but I wonder how much of it is going to appeal to anyone else. When it comes to the supernatural, there is a line that can be crossed when going for reality. I think this one heads into that territory where people stop feeling creeped out and start to think they are being hood-winked. Maybe I’m wrong. I’m somewhat interested in it. This might be best at home, where you can sip your Crystal Head vodka while watching. After Dark Films is picking this one up.

Assault Girls

Mamoru Oshii is a gifted filmmaker, although most of his work is in the realm of animation. I adored his one foray into live-action though, the 2001 cyber-thriller Avalon. His last movie, Sky Crawlers, was one of his strongest films yet so count me in for this one. The trailer features giant alien worms, dark-winged angels, and lots of assault girls. Good enough for me. Look forward to hearing more.

Valhalla Rising

Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn is a guy worth watching. He’s made the Pusher trilogy and most recently, Bronson, which I saw not long ago and enjoyed for the most part. Now, he’s made a movie about Vikings. A gritty, dirty, no holds-barred movie about Vikings. Looks like they are on their way to Jerusalem when they end up lost in a strange land with some equally savage warriors to contend with. As long as they don’t turn out to be Native Americans, I’m cool.

2 Responses to “Trailer Round-Up: Solomon Kane, Princess and the Frog, Descent 2, Up in the Air, more…”

  1. Xiphos September 12, 2009 at 3:53 pm #

    Solomon Kane sign me up! I will be there opening day I think? When does it open that might be a question I need to ask.

    That viking movie will get my money in heart beat also.


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