Trailer Round-Up: The Boondock Saints 2:All Saint’s Day, Gentlemen Broncos, Agora and More…

3 Sep


September 3rd, 2009–

Good morning everyone! I don’t know about anywhere else, but its a wonderfully temperate and beautiful pre-fall morning over here in Baltimore. I wan’t expecting it get to cooler so soon, but I’m hoping it sticks around. The promise of autumn is right around the corner, and I’m eager for it to arrive. Winter, however, can feel free to hold off for a bit.

 Anyway, in an attempt to streamline and organize the blog a bit more, I’ve decided on doing regular features that will be repeated each week. The first of these is Trailer Round-Up, which grabs five or six new and interesting up-coming movie trailers from around the web and plops them all down right here at Cinematropolis. I’ll try to stay as current as I can, although due to my absence all last week there are a few here that I missed. First up for this week, it’s another Direct-to-DVD sequel to a cult classic–hooray!

The Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day

The original Boondock Saints was a film that flew completely under my radar for a few years after its initial release. I finally saw it for myself in 2003 when my sister introduced to me it.  As it turns out, I didn’t love it and in truth, I’m not sure I even liked it very much. Still, the film became something of a cultural item regardless of what I thought and I often meet people who hold the movie in very high esteem. So now we have the film’s sequel, hitting DVD on, of course, November 1st or All Saint’s Day. The good news here is that unlike slop like S. Darko, the original writer and director,Troy Duffy, has come back for this one. Outside of that, the stuff in the trailer that caught my eye: Angel’s Julie Benz as a female detective and  Billy Connolly’s extra bushy beard. I’ll definitely check it out.


I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the amount of good science fiction that’s been getting released this year. After Moon and the upcoming Pandorum, we will have had a nice healthy dose of space paranoia. Here’s one more to throw on the pile ; the Swedish sci-fi Cargo, which appears to head down that tried-but-true road of astronauts investigating a dark, abandoned vessel only to find something not kosher living in the cargo hold. I really like the look of the movie, although to be fair it bears a strong similarity to both Sunshine and Pandorum. With the latter starting to shape-up as a  ‘monsters chase humans’ enterprise, here’s hoping Cargo offers up a little more in the way of psychological suspense. For what was likely a relatively small budget, this has outstanding production design.


Now this a film that could go either way–brilliant or a bomb. To be sure, the historical epic genre has been sagging as of late. Which is why a much needed shot in the arm would be very welcome right now and I suspect that Agora could be the film to do it. Helmed by talented Spanish director Alejandro Amenabar (The Others, The Sea Inside), Agora tells the story of Hypatia of Alexandria, a female philosopher and NeoPlatonist (not an aetheist as IMDB describes her) standing against the rising tide of Christianity in Roman Egypt. As a Christian myself, I’m not put off by the film’s basic subject matter and imagine it could make quite an interesting historical piece if handled well. What I won’t be interested in is the typical anti-religious slant that could make something like this a tedious slog. With Rachel Weisz and Max Minghella on-board I’m hoping what we get instead will be a thought-provoking and compelling film capturing the climate of the time. Either way, the movie has a really lush visual look to it.


Woody Harrelson as an everyday guy trying to be a masked vigilante. He’s Defendor, and he looks like he’s more than a bit off his rocker as he searches for the elusive Captain Industry, his sworn nemesis. I think the movie has promise, and although originally it looks pretty silly by the end of the trailer I was detecting a darker and possibly grittier tone. Is Woody crazy, ala The Fisher King or Caveman’s Valentine, or is he just a bit misguided? Imagine if the Coen Brothers had directed Batman and you are getting close to the feel of the trailer.

Gentlemen Broncos

By far the m0st entertaining trailer this week, Gentlemen Broncos is the return of Napoleon Dynamite’s Jared Hess. Like most of the rest of the world in 2004, I found myself showig ND to almost everyone I knew. I hadn’t liked the film on the first viewing, and had in fact been irritated by it. But I was compelled to return to it, and something about the very specific nature of the film’s universe had me coming back again and again. Hess’ 2006 followup, Nacho Libre wasn’t as funny or as interesting as his first film, and he sort of faded out for a little while. Now he’s back and all of the beautiful craziness in this trailer suggests he has outdone Napoleon Dynamite for quirky weirdness. Look for Sam Rockwell as sci-fi fantasy warrior Bronco. This one hits October 31st. I can’t wait.

The Men Who Stare At Goats

The Men Who Stare At Goats is Grant Heslov’s new film and it has Ewan McGregor and George Clooney participating in some truly wacky madness. Based off a real secret unit of the military that was allegedly trying to create an army of psychic soldiers, the film tells a similar story with Clooney proclaiming himself a ‘Jedi Warrior’ and practicing his art of ‘cloud bursting’ as well as the titular goat staring that goes on until you manage to make the animal’s heart explode. Highlight of the trailer: The use of Boston’s More than A Feeling and Jeff Bridges who seems to be playing The Dude again. Bring it on.

7 Responses to “Trailer Round-Up: The Boondock Saints 2:All Saint’s Day, Gentlemen Broncos, Agora and More…”

  1. hagiblog September 3, 2009 at 11:18 am #

    Some interesting flicks. I was wondering what The Men Who Stare At Goats was all about and now I know. I’m sure most of these will find their way to my DVD player eventually. Even if they don’t go over that well.

  2. Xiphos September 3, 2009 at 3:29 pm #

    Boondock saints 2? Really we another one because the first one wasn’t that good.Men Who Stare at Goats is based on the wildly stupid “stargate” program that ran from the 60’s-80’s and wasted millions of dollars on nonsense. It was a joint US Army/CIA adminstered program to devlop “remote viewing” capabilities. The program was developed to counteract alleged Soviet developments in this area of “psychic” warfare.Personally I think was developed because everybody was high, what a bunch of freaking idiots.

  3. Bartleby September 3, 2009 at 3:41 pm #

    Ha. Xi, I got that exact impression from the trailer regarding Goats. When they cast Bridges as the head of the program and he’s basically just reprising his Lebowski role…well, you get the idea. I like the last line of the trailer where Spacey accuses Bridges of using funding to purchase prostitutes and illegal drugs for he and his men. Bridges stands up and says “That part about the hookers is definitely a lie.”

  4. Xiphos September 3, 2009 at 3:48 pm #

    Hahah Jonah that’s funny. I haven’t watched the trailor because I can’t get them work on my dying laptop anymore. I hope they savage the hell out of anybody connected with this nonsense but I have a sinking suspcion it will tacitly endorse this joke of an idea.

  5. Bartleby September 3, 2009 at 4:03 pm #

    oh no way….Xi. It’s complete silliness. There is no suggestion in the trailer that the program is anything but a farce,but it also doesn’t look very “based on”. The vibe I was getting from it was a Coen Bros-like bit of insanity. While Clooney is trying to burst clouds with his mind he manages to wreck his car on a rock outcropping…in the middle of a barren desert highway.

  6. Xiphos September 3, 2009 at 8:41 pm #

    Excellent! I’m glad to hear that. As long as they present this preposterous joke of an idea as nothing more then that i’ll be happy. If it has a Coen bros vibe to it and they can pull it off, even better.

    There is a book that the movie is based on which I’ve been meaning to get. I think they might have rereleased it in conjunction with the movie release. I guess I’ll get somebody to ship me over a copy.

  7. Jen B September 4, 2009 at 4:37 pm #

    Can’t wait to see Gentlemen Broncos. Good comedies are hard to come by!

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