Wanna see 16 minutes of 3-D Avatar Free on Friday? Get tickets this afternoon!!

17 Aug



Monday 17th, 2009-

I’m a little late on this, but wanted to give a brief heads-up on the sneak peek that IMAX has lined up for James Cameron’s upcoming 3D sci-fi epic Avatar, currently scheduled for release on December 18th 2009.

This Friday evening at 6:30 p.m., select IMAX theaters will be running a free preview of 16 minutes of Avatar with an intro by Cameron and 3D glasses so audiences can get a glimpse of the way the technology will render the alien planet of Pandora.

The primary catch with the free preview is that only  a certain number of tickets will be distributed, and you can only get them online at the official website starting at noon(PST) today. For all of you Baltimorians, that’s 3 p.m. our time.

The details are so sparse, Im not even sure if the IMAX here in Baltimore at the Maryland Science Center is even running the preview. At noon I expect the entire list of theaters, and details for procuring tickets will be up. I don’t expect them to last very long though.

The general populace probably scoffs at a 16 minutes of a movie still half a year off, but the geek audience(the same one that Cameron targeted at Comic Con this year) has been chomping at the bit to see this pic since the director announced his intentions for it some 11 years ago, shortly after Titanic proved to be a box-office smash.

On the 21st, when the longer preview opens in IMAX, a more traditional trailer will appear online and in front of new theatrical releases like Inglorious Bastards. Chances are Fox might very well eventually distribute the longer preview online in an effort to build interest in the film.

So, if you are one of the many whose interested in getting a peek into what the director of Aliens and The Abyss has done with the technology at hand, you can head over to the website at the appropriate time (I’d recommend doing it as close to that time as possible if you are serious about getting tickets) and secure your seats at the nearest IMAX. If it turns out that the Harbor IMAX is showing the sneak(and I think it is based on the empty Friday night slot in their current programming) I’ll come back here and update this article.

Otherwise, head over here at noon and ensure your trip to Pandora:


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