See all of ‘Zombie Girl’ online!! Courtesy of Snag Films!

17 Aug


August 17th,2009–

Last week the fine folks at Snag Films contacted me about embedding the documentary film Zombie Girl on the site for an online limited run that would extend through Thursday the 20th. With a busy weekend schedule and some strange issues (that I assume are my own computer problems) I was unable to embed the video.

Instead of sitting on this any longer, I’m just including the link to Snag Films where you can see the film yourself. Previously playing at this year’s Comic Con, the AFI Dallas International Film Fest, the HotDocs fest, and this year’s Slam Dance, where it was the Spirit Award winner, Zombie Girl isn’t the film its title suggests.

Relating the story of Emily Hagins, a 12 year old film geek living in Texas, Zombie Girl follows the determined teen filmmaker as she sets out to make a feature-length zombie horror. Starting with Hagins Lord of the Rings infatuation and chronicling her meetings with film fanatics like Harry Knowles all the way through to her proposed zombi project, the movie is a definite original. I watched it on Friday and found it be a humorous, odd, and occassionally inspiring flick. On one hand I was often questioning the liberal parenting of Emily’s parents while simulatenously impressed by the way the couple(especially her mother) stand behind their daughter and her mission. Either way, and whatever your reaction, Zombie Girl is a worthwhile endeavor for anyone who has ever felt the itch to make films but balked at the task of actually doing so. It’s the kind of movie that might very well inspire others to dredge up their inner aueter, grab a camera, and get crackin.

Theres no need to say anymore though, other than to point you to the link here where you can see all the adventures of a young girl, a headful of dreams, and lots and lots of zombies.

Enjoy, and while you are over at Snag Films be sure to leave your thoughts/and or appreciation. This is a great way to draw attention to documentary filmmaking and I’d love to see it continue.

See Zombie Girl HERE.

One Response to “See all of ‘Zombie Girl’ online!! Courtesy of Snag Films!”

  1. hagiblog August 19, 2009 at 2:15 pm #

    Awesome! I snagged some free tickets to this one last summer (was it that long ago?) and enjoyed it. As someone who’d love to get into making films it’s both inspiring and fear inducing to watch. I hope this one keeps making the rounds and more people get to see it, along with the final movie that this documentary is following.

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