Vatican no longer troubled by ‘Harry’?

14 Jul


Usually I’d be ignoring bits like this, as they don’t really matter much in regards to things. People will still see the new Harry Potter film, just as they saw all the others and those who did not because of a potentially negative or occult influence aren’t probably racing to reconsider the actual detriment or effect of a series they banished based upon the word of others. No, the only reason I’m actually linking to this story, which is little more than the Vatican acknowledging the actual value of the story that Rowling took the space of seven books to tell, is that it does show a refreshing sign of actual thought and open mindedness. At least as far as the topic of Harry Potter and Christianity is concerned.

I do not enter this fray as someone on the outside looking in. As a christian, I’ve argued(I’d say more like suggested or muttered about) the points the fun friendly people at the Vatican have arrived at for years in regards to not just this series, but similar works that relied upon a fantasy world that operated off of the concepts of mythology or magic. And I have been in the crosshairs of even close friends who felt I was being foolish or unwise for reading Harry Potter. I can still remember attending the opening weekend of Sorcerer’s Stone in 2001 and watching a horde of radical Christians armed with copies of an Onion article(I’m not kidding) they were handing out like tracts, converge on the Senator Theatre where they were greeted by Potter fans in full costume regalia. Before a small scale skirmish could break out, a car-load of teens drove by, mooning the entire crowd and screaming ‘POTTER SUCKS!” and for one moment the just and the unjust were united in their bewilderment.

At last though, I think we are beginning to arrive at a place where it can be considered, now that all of the books have released, six of the films are down, and not one real life child coven of underage witches in-sight, what really constitutes a ‘dangerous’ book, and if the agendas we sometimes see are simply reflections of our own worst fears. Food for thought, or not. I’m not Catholic, nor do I suggest that one tailor their mindset to follow the same as the Vatican’s. Simply, here is a case of someone changing their minds, seemingly because the material changed when readers have known about the richness of Harry’s themes for years and long before the Half Blood Prince came around.

The Catholic Church smooches up to Potter. Heres the LINK.

Me, I’m looking forward to seeing the film itself.

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