Celebrating the Senator and 70 Years of Cinema!

8 Jul

2009 098

July 8th, 2009–

Well, I’ve finally got around to starting this one. From the very beginning of the blog, a few months ago, I had gotten an idea for a new column inspired by the fact that the nearby classic theater, The Senator, which  stopped showing films in March, had been previously operational since 1939. 70 years! What a phenomenal span of time, and imagine how much the films and the industry have changed since then. I just turned 30 in April, and I haven’t even been around half that long, so it got me to thinking about all of the films, particularly those some 50 years old now, that I have never seen. And thus, this project was born.

Unfortunately, things are rather up in the air for the future of the old historic theater, and if you check the website you can learn more, including the date for the upcoming auction. Meanwhile, I’ll keep updates on the current situation linked right here in the column. Go to The Senator Theatre site HERE.

As for this column, the plan is this: Starting with 1939, and progressing through 70 years of films, I will cover one year a week(Wednesday to Wednesday). For each year, I’ll find 3 films that I haven’t seen, watch them, and write them up.  That’s pretty much the whole gist of it. When I checked out 1939 for choices though, I discovered some egregious holes in my film knowledge; stuff I was sure I had seen, but upon further inspection I realized, no, I hadn’t. So, the 1939 segment of this column will feature 3 films that I probably should have checked out long ago, but for whatever reason, didn’t.

And I want to hear from all of you too. If there are films you think I should cover, let me know. Or if I miss something you really want to see represented, send in a review. I’d be happy to put it up.

 Also, if you want to follow along with the current films, I’d love to hear all the individual thoughts in the comments section. For ease in following along with the schedule, and anticipating the next film, I’ll always p0st the lineup for the next two weeks ahead of time. For instance, here’s whats on the roster(starting today) for 1939 and 1940. 


Wednesday 8th — Son of Frankenstein 



Friday 10th –Dark Victory



Wednesday 15th–Rules of the Game




Friday 17th– The Shop Around the Corner


Monday 20th–Strange Cargo


Wednesday 22nd— Thief of Bagdad


 The goal here is an exploration through the past 70 years with the purpose of increasing my film knowledge and appreciation. I think it’s gonna be a great time.

I’ll be back later today with Son of Frankenstein.

2 Responses to “Celebrating the Senator and 70 Years of Cinema!”

  1. goregirl July 8, 2009 at 2:44 pm #

    Baltimore MD! The home of John Waters! His work isn’t for everyone, but man I just love it! Out of curiosity, are there any streets or buildings named after Mr. Waters?

    I love the old theatres. There aren’t many left. I almost rented The Thief Of Bagdad from the library last week. I watched tons of old movies on Sunday afternoons as a kid and I am pretty sure I had seen this one. You can’t deny the magic of technicolor! I didn’t realize the film was that old actually. Look forward to reading the review!


  1. Celebritylife.org - July 8, 2009

    Celebritylife.org trackingback – Celebrating the Senator and 70 Years of Cinema!…

    Celebritylife.org trackingback – Celebrating the Senator and 70 Years of Cinema!…

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