‘Daybreakers’ trailer brings us vamps, sci-fi and a cross-bow wielding Willem Dafoe. Sign me up!

26 Jun


June 26th, 2009–

I’d be tempted to call this Equilibrium with vampires if it wasn’t for the fact we already got that, from the same director, called Ultraviolet. And it sucked something fierce, no pun intended. 

Instead, Daybreakers might  be trying to unhinge the universe from its complacency by threatening to give us something actually original. True Blood has synthetic hemoglobin and Twilight has vamps who have refrained from the human version altogether. Now, the Australian Spiereg Bros., who made the low-budget zombie film Undead, have concocted a darker world where nearly everyone is a vampire and they keep the humans in storage facilities not unlike The Matrix so they can harvest them at will. Without the blood, it appears the vampires go feral and revert to a more monstrous version(see the pic below). To add to their troubles, the human race is going extinct and the threat of a vanishing food supply looms large.

Ethan Hawke is playing a vamp scientist who falls in with a group of humans who are hunting down and turning the vampires….back into humans. I have to admit, that one hasn’t been done before. Given the fact the bloodsuckers have evolved beyond morality and mortality, they don’t like that offer so much. Dafoe looks to be playing an ex-vampire who now hunts and kills them, and Sam Neil looks like the dark, mysterious corporate head who wants business as usual.

The trailer has alot of visually imaginative things going on, including sequences of vamps being shackled and drug into the daylight and futuristic sets that capture the cold, nighttime universe of an eternal nosferatu civilization.

Right now this one doesn’t hit til January, but I think they should push it up. Looks like they have a winner on their hands. See the trailer HERE and check the clips below.







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