‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ trailer knows where I’ll be on August 14th

13 Jun


June 13th, 2009-

Chick flick fans and sci-fi fans find their paths converging again with the upcoming release of The Time Traveler’s Wife, the new drama starring Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams, based off the book by Audrey Niffenegger. A few weeks ago, in an article about the top anticipated sci-fi films of the summer, I said this about the film:

Based off a captivating novel about a man whose own genetic make-up causes him to time travel involuntarily, this film has the opportunity to improve upon that original work. Hopefully excising some of the creepier and ill-advised segments from the book, including a sexual encounter between the protagonist and his younger self, The Time Traveler’s Wifecould potentially become a summer movie romantic sleeper. Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams look to be appealing as the couple at the core of the story who struggle to weather the personal devestation that Bana’s time traveling jaunts can cause. Playing with alot of unique time travel concepts(Bana’s character shows up without any clothing or protection when he jumps), and telling a heart-wrenching tale about human love and devotion, Time Traveler’s Wife might be the one flick that offers something for a wider audience beyond the typical sci-fi geek.

Congrats!  Based off this trailer,which will probably remind more than a few of the The Lake House, it seems like the team behind this one have managed to draw out the wonder and drama at the novel’s core and distill it into what looks to be the romance of the year. And really, there isn’t anything  wrong with that. McAdams looks like she has grown alot as an actress since The Notebook and Bana proves he doesn’t need a Romulan starship to travel through time….or clothes for that matter. You won’t see that in the trailer, though it’s hinted at.

I like the way the trailer is broken up…emphasizing the lighter moments, and then giving us a taste of the effect the time travel has on the lives of the main characters. At this point, I’m completely sold. It looks like the perfect date movie for the wife and I.

Warning though, while this trailer is sure to hook you on the film…this one is gonna hit alot harder than you might expect. Bring tissues.

The trailer is HERE.







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