The rest of ‘Pushing Daisies’ begins airing TONIGHT!!

30 May


The facts are these:

In September of 2007, ABC debuted a new and quirky series called Pushing Daisies. It was both a critical and ratings darling during it’s freshman months. Then the writer’s strike happened, and Daisies finished its first season with a paltry 9 episodes. When it returned, it failed to get the ratings necessary to keep ABC from canceling it and in December of 2008, after two partial seasons, the axe was dropped on Pushing Daises. At the time, ABC didn’t even finish airing the final three episodes. Since that time, ABC has allowed show-runner Fuller to go back and modify the final episode a bit so that it functions more as a series finale than simply a season cap. And now, they are dropping Pushing Daisies in the 10 pm slot on Saturday night for the following three weeks with as little publicity and fanfare as possible.

I don’t think even the Pie-maker can resurrect this one, but its nice to at least get a chance to say our goodbyes.

I didnt come to show when it first aired (as I seem to do with so much television) but caught it when it hit dvd. And it was really something unique. Creating a world that blended storybooks and comic books, Pushing Daisies gave us a wonderful and distinct cast of characters, a sweet and thoughtful love story and some of the best dialogue on television today. It was a zinger for sure, and original, which was itself a major accomplishment for network t.v.

The cast is terrific. Lee Pace, also wonderful in the fantastic The Fall, insinuates himself into another fairy-tale world as Ned the pie-maker who has the gift to resurrect dead things when he touches them, but if he touches them a second time they are dead again, forever. The other caveat is that if said dead thing is allowed to re-enter the world and exist for longer than a minute, something else in near proximity will have to die as a result. Anna Friel played his dead lady love, Chuck, who he resurrected but couldn’t bring himself to return to the grave. The two standouts of the show, though, were Chi McBride as the blustery private detective Emerson Cod (one of the most original characters I’ve seen in years) and Kristen Chenowith as the feisty, pining Olive Snook who works as a waitress at Ned’s cafe, charmingly called The Pie Hole. Daisies had begun pairing Cod and Snook together as sluething partners, but the cancellation came just as this storyline began to take off.

Now, for at least three more weeks, Daisies is alive and among us and well. Enjoy it while it lasts. It will be brief.

For everyone who has yet to see Daisies, you can get the first season on DVD and Bluray right now and the second season with the three added eps on July 1st.

Read what little ABC has to say about it HERE.


One Response to “The rest of ‘Pushing Daisies’ begins airing TONIGHT!!”

  1. Barbara May 31, 2009 at 5:02 pm #

    I already have it ordered. It is such a shame that they dropped the ball with this show. Yes it didn’t start in the best season for a new show with that writer’s strike but it just seemed like the network just decided to give the already promised twenty-two episodes with no intention of doing anything beyond that which sucks.

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